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    2019-6-17 10:27:45點擊:
    (1) People's illegal activities. This kind of behavior is intentional, and the vast majority go through certain schemes and premeditations. For example, the information, countermeasure and collusion activities of officials, secret agents, and the current destructive activities of counter-revolutionaries. 1. The parochial, murder, arson, hooliganism and other illegal activities of other criminal offenders, as well as violations of public security management, etc. In a society where class struggle exists, people's violation of the law is the most important element of all elements of violation, and also the primary goal of the defensive force to fight against it.
    (2) People's dereliction of duty. Bureaucracy, irresponsibility for work, lack of discipline, and non-compliance with rules and regulations have occurred among some internal workers, which may open the door to illegal persons and lead to loss of property, disorder of order and outbreaks of various events. Dereliction of duty is generally unintentional, not to mention planned and premeditated, but the harm to the protection of the target is also severe.
    (3) Natural elements. It includes two aspects. First, it is difficult for people to completely resist natural disasters. For example: hurricanes, lightning strikes, floods, earthquakes and so on. Second, due to the constraints of scientific knowledge, some substances that have not yet been known about their characteristics undergo unexpected changes when they have the necessary conditions, resulting in disasters. This kind of factor is the non-artificial factor, which has a great threat to the security of the target.